Point of Sale

We are fully capable of setting up and installing any point of sale you may be considering for your business. Put your mind and ease. No need to worry about PCI compliance fees, our technicians can provide with a secure and safe network setup.

The market for point of sales systems as grown substantially in recent years, it is no longer a world dominated by Aloha and Micros. Picking the right Point of Sale system for your business can be a decision with ramifications that will affect your bottom line for years. Not all systems support all businesses. Choosing one based on your needs is absolutely key.




Our newest partner, and one of our favorite POS systems for small businesses is Leaf. A cloud based point of sale system that is fully mobile and integrated with tablets. Leaf is lightweight, versatile, has a simple learning curve. However, the best attribute by far is price. Access to Leaf’s cloud business tools costs $50 per month, per location, no matter how many tablets you use.

A Built for Business POS Tablet

Designed for speed and reliability, Leaf runs on custom built Android tablets with an integrated card swipe. Built specifically for a business environment, they are capable of taking the wear and tear that your employees dish out. They even come with a 1 year warranty.

Point of Sale Made Easy

Leaf POS tablets accept credit cards, gift cards, cash, PayPal, and mobile payments.

Pick Your Processor

The Leaf Point of Sale mobile tablet works with most U.S. credit and gift card processors. You can keep your current processor—or we can help you pick a new one.

Manage Your Business from Anywhere

Use Leaf’s Cloud-based software tools to make changes to your tablet-based menu, view sales trend data, track employee hours and pay rates, and more—using your computer, tablet, or phone.

Advanced Employee Management

Assign multiple job codes and pay levels to employees depending on their roles. Track their hours every time they PIN into the LeafPresenter.

Access Levels

Employees see only the information they need to get their job done. You determine access levels.


Leaf is PCI compliant, so transactions are secure from the minute your customer’s card is swiped to the day the money hits your account.