Phone and Voice


We are partners with Megapath with gives us a full range of affordable business VoIP services options.

The demand for affordable, feature-rich IP phone systems will continue to increase as businesses look to streamline communications, improve collaboration, and support mobility. MegaPath meets this need by providing cost-effective Voice services that deliver collaboration and mobility features that traditional phone services cannot match.

Traditional business line can cost
around $55 per month
99¢ per min long distance
Some features
Hosted VOIP can cost
around $23 per month
2.9¢ per min long distance
Full features

JMS Technical offers nationwide solutions for single-site and multi-site businesses. Our flexible business phone systems support advanced calling features including Find Me/Follow Me, Visual Voicemail, and Hosted Voice Mobile. JMS Technical Hosted Voice delivers the benefits of VoIP (Voice over IP) while eliminating the costs of managing and maintaining a PBX. With SIP Trunking and Enterprise Trunking, you enjoy the benefits of VoIP while leveraging your existing PBX equipment.

Hosted VoIP Benefits at a Glance

  • Lower Startup Costs and Monthly Savings.
    No PBX equipment to buy or lease. No maintenance contracts or fees for account changes. All you need are IP phones and a voice gateway connected to your modem or router.
  • Work Smarter with Advanced Features.
    Flexible features save time and improve communication with customers and colleagues. Easy-to-use features include: Hosted Voice Mobile for mobile and virtual workers, Visual Voicemail, Find Me / Follow Me, and many more.
  • Experience Voice Quality.
    Because we have full control over our network, we are able to prioritize voice from end to end. That means that—unlike other hosted VoIP providers—we can provide true Quality of Service (QoS). Plus, our new HD Voice ensures crystal-clear call quality.
  • Enjoy Simplified Implementation with Dedicated Project Management.
    To get your Hosted Voice service up and running smoothly and quickly, MegaPath assigns a Voice Project Manager. This dedicated resource serves as your single point of contact throughout your Hosted Voice implementation.


The Polycom VVX 500 video phone has an integrated color touch-screen, camera, and supports HD voice.
Hosted Voice
Hosted Voice is the ideal choice for businesses that want to eliminate the expense and maintenance hassles of a PBX. Key benefits include lower long distance calling costs, effortless scalability, ease of management, advanced features—including new Hosted Voice Mobile—and the ability to integrate multiple offices and virtual employees.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking reduces costs and simplifies IT management by combining voice and Internet access over a single broadband connection using existing IP PBX equipment. Businesses purchase only the trunks they need based on their maximum number of concurrent calls. We can offer SIP Trunking for single-site businesses and Enterprise Trunking for multi-location businesses. Enterprise Trunking optimizes network capacity across all locations. For added savings, employees share call capacity and receive free on-net calling between locations.

Lines and PRI

For small business customers that want the benefits of VoIP while maintaining their current voice infrastructure, we offer traditional Analog POTS Line and PRI Trunking services.