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Computer Hardware Maintenance 101

Hardware Maintenance 101

While viruses and malware are more of a day to day threat, almost every such problem can eventually be fixed. Such issues generally fall into the category of software problems. Worst case scenario, you can wipe everything and start over with a fresh install. Hardware problems however can cause permanent damage to your machine. The type of damage that requires replacement parts or a new computer entirely. While all hardware will eventually wear out with time, you can greatly extend the lifespan of your computer hardware by following a few simple preventative maintenance procedures.

Dust Buildup and Heat Damage

Heat is the enemy of electronics...

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I’VE GOT THE POWER — Computer Power Supply 101

You one of “those people” who like to fix or build their own computer? Well do I have some advise for you! I have certainly been in the situation where I was perusing Amazon looking for a new computer power supply to replace a smoked one or for a new computer build. Well it all can get a little  confusing looking for the right power supply. Listed below are the key things you should look at.


You should normally get double the wattage of what your computer needs. It would be wise to factor in the wattage use of your CPU, Video Card, Motherboard, Hard Disk(s), CD drive, RAM and cooling. Outer Vision eXtreme was kind enough to create a calculator for this here.


The number of rails and max wattage of each rails can really make the difference...

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Basic Spyware Removal

Ever open your internet browser and have a different home page than your normal home page comes up? Try to use google or bing to search something and instead you are redirected to some other search engine you don’t recognize?

Congratulations! You likely have spyware or viruses on your computer!

No need to be ashamed or embarrassed, it happens to even the best of us. The question is what to do now. Normally, there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars to resolve the issue. Most spyware is harmless and will not do permanent damage to your computer or files if removed promptly. This does not mean they are beneficial in any way however, the new name of the game is stealing your demographic information and delivering ads and popups to your computer.

Most spyware and viruses are now designed a...

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