About Us

Founded in March 2013, JMS Technical is a new computer repair business in Reno Nevada that specializes in information technology. Since that time, we have built partnerships with prominent companies, such as Megapath and EP Surveillance, with the goal of providing new services to northern Nevada that have never been available to the area. Our main objective is plain and simple: Deliver great services at a great price!

We offers several great IT products residential and to small and medium sized businesses such as VOIP (voice over internet protocol). Here is a simple break down on how moving your business to VOIP can be largely beneficial:

Traditional business line can cost
around $55 per month
99¢ per min long distance
Some features
Hosted VOIP can cost
around $23 per month
2.9¢ per min long distance
Full features

Read more about our voice services here.


Need to add a level of security to your home or business? Reliable and affordable IP based surveillance and camera systems are another product that we offer, which could not only save you money, but protect your business and property. In addition to selling surveillance systems, we also offer installation and support on our product. Our systems include a variety of features, such as motion detection, infrared night vision, and even remote viewing! Some of our clients use our services through their cell phones and tablets to keep an eye on their interests from the comfort of their own home.

Already have a surveillance system of your own, but you still need someone to install the system? We can install most commercial and residential surveillance devices for you and even offer our technical support services.

Read more about our surveillance systems here.


We have a talent for tech refresh at JMS Technical. We have extremely competitive rates when it comes to new network setups and updating / replacing old ones.

Have you ever noticed that your internet is lagging behind the curve? This could be caused by a poor or dated network setup. Out with the old and in with the new! With our affordable rates any home or office can enjoy smooth network reliability and peace of mind.Don’t be out in the cold with PCI compliance fees. Our technicians have experience with a gambit of different point of sale systems. We can ensure a reliable networks setup and a secure one. Your business can be worry free!

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